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Natural Color Grey - 2 Tone

Make your partner look twice with these grey toned lenses that make for a subtle change that will intrigue them!

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Product Description


Create subtle intrigue with these grey toned lenses. Every now and then a small change is all we need to feel amazing about ourselves. These lenses will add a soft grey shine to your eyes and add a gentle intrigue to your face. Make a small change to feel a big difference.


  • Wear time is very important to follow, especially if you have never worn contacts before. Day 1. Only wear for 1-2 hours. Day 2 & 3 increase the wear time to 4 hours. Day 4 - your eyes should be adjusted and now used to the contacts. You can increase your wear time to 8 hours. Please do not wear any longer then 8 hours.

  • Its incredibly important to wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses. We can not stress this enough. Itメs a good idea to rinse off your hands with your solution after washing.

  • Using FRESH solution at ALL TIMES is critical. Always store your lens in fresh solution. Always wash and clean your lens with fresh solution.

  • Use FRESH solution every time you remove your lens. NEVER EVER top up your solution, or place your contacts in old, used solution.

  • Make sure you hands are perfectly dry, using a lint-free towel.

  • Check to ensure the contact lens is clean from any dirt. Do not insert the lens if there is any sign of dirt or if the lens is damaged.

  • Please use your finger TIPS to touch your contact lens. DO NOT, use your fingernail, or other sharp objects like tweezers or scissors. The contact lens will easily split without you noticing causing irritation to your eye and destroying the lens.

  • If your eyes become red, irritated or your vision blurred or changes please remove your contact lenses immediately.

  • As your hands and fingers must be super clean, please put your contact lenses on before getting ready, such as preparing your hair and make-up.

  • The same applies when taking your lenses out. This should be the first job.

  • When cleaning or storing your contact lens use LOTS of solution and always ensure it is FRESH solution and not old or used solution


  • DONメT - wear your lens longer then our recommended wear time.

  • DONメT - let your contact lenses come in contact with any type of water, including, tap, bottled, or distilled water.

  • DONメT - use old lens solution to clean or store your lens, this can have dirt or will be poor quality solution

  • DONメT- share or swap your contact lens with anyone. Not even your trusted partner.

  • DONメT - Never touch the tip of your solution bottle with your fingers, contact lenses or anything else. The solution bottle must be kept very clean. Always replace the cap immediately after use.

Technical Description

Additional Information

Diameter (cm) 1.4
Colour Grey
Product Fault Warranty 1 Month
3 Month No Questions Asked Return Policy Yes
Packaging Height (cm) 4
Packaging Width (cm) 8.5
Packaging Depth (cm) 1.5


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